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Our gender-biased culture undermines women and their powers. It exploits us, sends us belittling messages and double binds, pushes us into restrictive “Good Girl” roles, and relegates us to 2nd class status. It treats us as “objects” of beauty, sex, and/or service. Add in abuse and the results are devastating! Unwittingly, too many of us have bought into a cultural view of women that devalues and limits us.

“The way women are treated today is often more subtle, but no less damaging.”
–  Hillary Clinton

Click on each symptom that you experience and a Tigress Power Truth will be revealed to you. Embrace these truths as your new self-concept.

Feel “invisible”, need to find your voice

You are glorious and radiant. The world is waiting for what you have to offer.

You’re highly successful, but something is missing in your heart and soul.

You have great wisdom, depth, passion, joy and compassion within you. As you embrace your feminine, it is released and your soul is filled.

Feel life has passed you by.

Today is your day. You have tremendous power within. Transform and make your mark on the world.

Very strong need to please others.

You are worthy and deserving of love, compassion and being served and nurtured magnificently. It is right to take care of yourself first.

Down on yourself.

You are glorious, powerful, and created for greatness. You are lovable, valuable, loved by the Universe and worthy of respect and honor.

Too hard on yourself.

You are lovely, glorious, and worthy of love and respect just as you are. You deserve to love yourself magnificently.

Dislike your body.

You are radiant and beautiful as you are. When you look for beauty, you will find it. You were created in your body for a great and glorious purpose.

Have not fulfilled your true potential, under performing.

You are glorious and powerful beyond measure. Your greatness is waiting to be released and the world is waiting for what you have to offer.

Feel blocked, stuck, hit “glass ceilings”, powerless.

You are glorious and powerful beyond measure. Your power flows from your Inner Tigress power center, you are unstoppable.

Not getting the respect you deserve.

You are glorious, lovable, valuable, and worthy of love and respect. You rise up and roar without anger in full Tigress power and the world takes notice.

Not taken seriously enough by those around you.

You are glorious, lovable and worthy of love and respect. You love, honor, nurture, and respect yourself magnificently and without apology, and others follow suit.

Frustrated, overwhelmed, fed up.

You are glorious and powerful beyond measure. As you live into your innate, rightful Tigress power, you experience greater peace, freedom and control.

Determine your worth based on others’ approval.

Your worth and value are innate and you are loved by the Divine. You and only you are the determiner of your worth, and you accept yourself fully just as you are.

Can’t say “NO”.

You are glorious, powerful beyond measure, and fully self-determined. You honor yourself first and naturally and easily set healthy boundaries.

Feel you’ve lost your sense of self.

You are glorious, powerful beyond measure, and fully worthy. You are unique, valuable, and positively special. As you embrace your Inner Tigress the fullness and radiance that is you blossoms and flourishes.

Carrying around self-doubt, shame, and guilt.

You are lovable, worthy, and glorious just as you are. You heal and let go of past woundings, forgive yourself, and release your innate strength through your Inner Tigress – your Inner Feminine Spirit – and love and accept yourself unconditionally just as you are.

Have trouble asking for what you want.

You are glorious, lovable, worthy and deserving of every good thing life has to offer. You step into this fact and can ask and receive fully, openly, and freely without apology.

Feel undeserving, unworthy, like you don’t count, “nothing special”.

You are glorious, powerful beyond measure/just as you are. You are unique. No one is like you. You were created by the Divine for greatness and a glorious divine purpose.

Feel you’re never enough.

You are created magnificent, glorious and powerful beyond measure. You are lovable, worthy and deserving. You are more than enough. You have richness, depth, wisdom, and greatness for which the world is waiting.

Put others first, so there’s nothing left for you.

You are glorious, powerful, lovable, worthy, and deserve to be loved magnificently. You nurture yourself joyously and with love, and care for yourself without apology, setting healthy boundaries.

Based your worth on your appearance.

You are beautiful and glorious inside and out. You are totally lovable, worthy, and deserving of every good thing life has to offer. You love and accept your whole self totally and unconditionally.

Have deep inner yearnings you just can’t birth into reality.

You are compassionate, committed, with burdens on your heart for the world. You are powerful beyond measure and created by the Divine just as you are in this time and place for a glorious purpose. You step into Tigress power and the Universe conspires for your success. The world waits for what you have to offer.

Past pain/abuse is still eating at you.

Now is your time. You heal past woundings, close the door on the past and move on – loving, honoring, and accepting yourself totally. You are not what has happened to you. You are pure, clean, and fully worthy, loved by the Divine.

Feel more like an “object” than a “person”.

You are unique, glorious, powerful beyond measure, and created for greatness. You are lovable, worthy, and self-determined. You step into your full Tigress power and authenticity as the co-creator of everything you experience and exercise your power of determination and choice.

Feel the world would have no interest in your ideas or skills.

You are glorious and powerful beyond measure, with great depth, wisdom and compassion. The world awaits what you have to offer.

Have a history of eating disorder, cutting, depression, other self-destructive behavior.

You live in the now. You are free; you forgive, love, value and cherish yourself fully and unconditionally as you are, and choose for health, life, love, and growth.

Want to take back your full FEMALE power?

Want to start living life on YOUR terms?

Want to heal old wounds and fill the hole in your soul?

Want to gain the VISIBILITY, RESPECT, and HONOR you truly DESERVE?


Inner Tigress is all about bold empowerment: Healing from this toxicity, overcoming cultural and personal limits, and reclaiming and living into your full FEMALE power and glory.

She is your Inner Feminine Spirit, the Divine Feminine within you.   She is loving, compassionate, joyous, playful, spontaneous, bold, glorious, and powerful beyond measure.

She was with you at birth and as a young girl, but growing up and learning to succeed in a male-dominated culture, we subtly lost touch with her and suffer the consequences.

Reclaim Your Inner Tigress!

  • Embrace your Inner Feminine Spirit.
  • Cross the 4 BRIDGES every woman must cross to discover and take back your Full Female Power.
    • Liberate and Live into YOUR Authentic Truth. (on Bridge 1)
    • Nurture and Cherish Yourself Magnificently. (on Bridge 2)
    • Make your significant impact on the world. (on Bridge 3)
    • Gain deeper relationships and support from others. (on Bridge 4)

Tigress Power/4 Bridges Coaching attacks the core issues that hold women back.   It provides you with a complete model and a step-by-step system to guide, help and support you to reclaim your Inner Tigress and live into your true female power, radiance and glory.

There also are plenty of FREE resources on this site to help you.

Imagine YOUR life when you:

  • Awaken to a whole new reality and world of possibility
  • Transcend cultural limits and shackles
  • Live your Authentic Truth – Make YOUR mark.
  • Act confidently with courage
  • Release your incredible TIGRESS HEART power.
  • Get out of your own way.
  • Live life on your terms.
  • Heal past wounds, free yourself of self-doubt, guilt, and shame.
  • Break through “Glass Ceilings”.
  • Fulfill your Potential.
  • Birth your inner yearnings into reality.
  • Gain greater honor, respect and love.
  • Bring true, peace, joy, and meaning back into your life.
  • Become a Transformational Leader using Female methods that men have a hard time

What’s more, you will never be alone on your sacred power journey.   Our supportive Tigress Tribe interactive community stands ready to back you every step of the way.     For details, CLICK HERE.


Let’s start a relationship!   No obligation, of course.

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“TRUE FEMINISM today is not about fighting.   It’s about RECLAMATION and HEALING.   Our main task now is to heal from Patriarchal Poisoning and fully love and embrace our True Female Spirit and Nature – to become WHOLLY FEMALE!   Only then can we use our FANTASTIC FEMALE POWERS to heal the world through female ways and support each other and effectively partner with men in the process.” – Priscilla Wainwright

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